Hugo Principe

Hugo Principe

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology with a focus on Exercise Science
Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer

About Coach

My passion for coaching, sports, and human performance began as a child after being introduced to hockey. Continuously striving to get better at the game was something that was always on my mind. I would experiment with at-home training while trying to eat in a way I thought would replicate what I would see high-performance athletes doing in the media. After being exposed to weight training during high school, my interest in health, strength, and sports performance only increased. I decided to pursue a degree in Kinesiology to continue learning more about how the body functions, and to work in sports performance or rehabilitation. Once I began working within personal training in Toronto post-university, I spent a few years learning through continuing education working hard toward improving my coaching skills to work toward my ultimate goal. Finally, I landed an internship with the GR Performance Team for the summer off-season program thanks to Adrian and Lucas granting me the opportunity to come to work with the team. Now, I'm officially part of the GR team! Playing hours upon hours of hockey growing up, I knew I wanted to be involved in sports for the rest of my life - and helping others achieve something meaningful is what I strive to do as a coach. I find it extremely fulfilling to help someone see their own potential, share with them the hard work, and guide them towards becoming their best self.

Turning Point

After struggling with my mental health, confidence, and body image during my first two years of university, I decided to make a drastic but necessary change in how I was approaching my priorities in life. I shifted from being someone overly concerned with what others thought of me, who was not taking care of my body through training and nutrition, or prioritizing my mental health, to someone who made this a priority. The moment none of these things felt aligned with what I wanted to do with my future is what changed the trajectory of my life. When I started implementing changes for both my body and mind and what these changes resulted in, I knew that I had to share this with others through coaching. I knew I was headed into the right career path when I saw my ability to connect with others and help them reconnect with themselves.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching comes from wanting to help people reach their full potential and do something that’s uncommon in today’s society: being strong and healthy, both mentally and physically. I love the process of teaching people how to take care of their bodies through training, what we eat, and how we recover. After multiple limiting injuries myself, I understand how much we take our bodies for granted. After not taking care of my body and periods of self-doubt, I understand how training and healthy eating can impact our lives. Working on these combined factors is what has really turned me into the positive, healthy person I am proud to be.