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Elite Athlete Development Program In Richmond Hill, ON

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Elite Athlete Development

Do you have a young athlete?

If you're reading this you know that training is important but probably aren't sure where to start. You likely have a whole bunch of questions. Is training safe? Will lifitng weights stunt their growth? (Spoiler - it won't.) How many times per week should they train? Does the coach watch them do the exercise or do they just train on their own?

We get it. There is a lot of information and it's hard to know who to trust.

That's why we created our EAD program. It takes science-backed principles and combines them with over a decade of training. We've worked with thousands of athletes - mostly hockey but also nearly every other sport - to help them improve their game. We've tested and tweaked to get it just right and can say with confidence that your child will get better.

The Process

1. Assessment  

Every athlete starts with an assessment to determine strengths and weaknesses.

2. On-Ramp

After your assessment all GR athletes start with our 4 session On-Ramp. They work 1-on-1 with a GR Coach to clean up movement quality and put them in a place to succeed when they join the EAD session.

3. EAD 

After an athlete finishes ON-Ramp they transition into our EAD program. Every athlete has their own custom program and we train in small groups with a 1-5 Coach to Athlete ratio. That's the key. We coach, every rep and set.

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Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Gary Roberts Performance is located and easily accessible from all of Richmond Hill.

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Hockey has evolved so much over the past decade that training hard is no longer enough. You need a program designed for you and your hockey goals.

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