Mindset Monday #12 - Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

MindsetMonday #12 - Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes
Gary Roberts Performance
December 18, 2023
Mindset Monday #12 - Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Gary Roberts Performance


December 18, 2023

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[00:00:00] What's going onguys. Welcome back to the hockey lab podcast, coach a Monday, which means it'smindset Monday. If you are a first-time listener. Welcome. If you're a longtimelistener, welcome back. We do one of these every single Monday, five minutes orless talking about a concept of mental preparation. You listen to apply.

Listen, apply. Listen, apply. You do that week after week afterweek, you build compound interest. Compound interest is the key to success ineverything in life. It's not easy, but it is simple. And before we pop into it,two things, one shout out Owen Allard GR athlete. Perfect skating athlete.

Congratulations. He was named to team Canada's world juniorteam. We are looking forward to watching him compete in, I guess, eight daysnow, actually. So shout out to old dog. Congrats, bud. You've put in a ton ofhard work. It's great to see you get rewarded. Number two. Equally important.Please. If you're enjoying the podcast, go on, leave a review. We have nosponsorships in the podcast, but we do need it to grow and to do that, we needyour help.

So if you're enjoying the pod pop onto your preferred platform,Spotify, apple [00:01:00] podcast, Google,whatever it might be and take a few moments to review the pot for us. Thank youso much.

Today. We're talkingabout something that seems a bit tongue and cheek, and is really simplistic.But it's actually quite profound. Over the last few weeks, we've been openingup the white board for quotes. So coaches, athletes, whoever can come in andput a quote up on the board, it provides some great food for thought. And abouta week and a half ago, I tossed up a Theo Vonn quote and it's probably notactually from Theo but in quotes like this, I think it's difficult to find theoriginal source. And that is if nothing changes, nothing changes. And at first,listen, it seems really simplistic.

You know, it's up there with, if it happens, it happens. You'relike, oh, of course. If it happens, it happens. If nothing changes, nothingchanges.

But it's actually quite profound.

There is a Delta between who we are and who we want to be atall times. Right. Or at least if you're listening to this podcast, I would saythere is at all times, because if you're listening to this podcast, You're thekind of person that is setting goals, reaching for them and chasing after them.Right. And so if you're that kind of [00:02:00]person, it means that there's always a Delta between who you are and who youwant to become.

And that's good. That is the point of life. That is why we, whywe exist as human beings. We are. Innately designed. , for the journey. No, wealways look uphill, so to speak. That's why, when you listen to athletes afterchampionships, they immediately start talking about the next season, right?That's why when you listen to people set world records, they immediately starttalking about the next world record. It's not to say that you shouldn't havegratitude in the moment, but the chase is what's more important, undoubtedly.But if we're going to be that kind of person that always sets a goal in thefuture. And we realized that there is a Delta between who we are and who weneed to be to reach that goal.

That means that something has to change. Right. We can becomefar too comfortable and stuck in a rut where we did the same thing over andover and over again. And if we do that, that is fine, but , we have no right tocomplain about our present situation. Because the actions that we've taken upto this point, clearly haven't gotten us where we want to go.

So we see this all the time with athletes, they come into theoff-season. And the goal [00:03:00] doesn'tmatter.

What matters is that you have a goal. So we see this with guysthat play in the national hockey league already, guys that are trying to makeit to the national hockey league, minor hockey players. And we see this withour executive clients, right. So you might have a player that comes in, who,who plays in the national hockey league already. But they're not where theywant to be. They want to play on the power play.

They want to be a top six forward. They want to be a top twopairing with whatever that goal is for them. So even though they're alreadysuccessful, quote unquote, they already play in the national hockey league.They want a different tier of success. So they come in for the summer and theycommit themselves fully.

. They train. They recover the eat properly. They take care oftheir mindset. They go through all their on ice skills. They change who theyare, even as a pro athlete. And as a result. The result changes. Well, so we'veseen players go through that. Come off, have record years signed, recordcontracts. But that all occurred because they changed their physical actions.

So it's important to understand that physical actions lead tomental changes, mental [00:04:00] switches.Nothing changes if nothing changes. So don't let yourself get comfortable.Don't become passive. Realize that where you are and where you want to go. Areseparated by a series of physical actions that need to take place. Break thosedown. Start to act on them every single day.

That's it guys. Thank you so much. Appreciate you being here.Have a great week crush. It will tune back in. Next week for Christmas episode,the train keeps rolling.

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