Mindset Monday #30 | Let Them Fail

Mindset Monday on the importance of failure
Coach A
May 13, 2024
Mindset Monday #30 | Let Them Fail

Coach A


May 13, 2024

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Coach A

[00:00:00] What is going on everyone?

Welcome back to the hockey lab podcast as always. I'm your host coach a it's Monday And that means one thing and one thing only that means it's mindset Monday We do one of these every single week, five minutes or less talking about a concept of mental preparation. The idea is that you listen, execute, listen, execute.

You do that week after week after week, you build compound interest, you build up enough compound interest around anything and it's hard not to succeed. Got it. Before we hop into that, as always, if you're enjoying the pod, please go on, leave a review. We're trying to grow this thing to a million hockey players and that's something that we can only do with your help.

So to all those that have listened, we appreciate it. To all those that are listening to this in the future. Thank you for joining the HLP community. We're going to do our very best to bring you amazing content and tips and tricks and thoughts and ideas from those that have lived it and been around the game.

And so our goal is to help develop you as a player from wherever you are in the world. So thank you so much.

All right, without further ado, let's hop into it on today's episode.

I want to talk about failure and specifically letting those you care about fail. And this can be a really difficult concept for us as parents or coaches, or even as teammates, quite [00:01:00] frankly, you know, so we, if we care about someone, we want them to succeed. We want to put them in positions to succeed. And I see this already with my kids.

My, my daughter's almost two and I want her to be successful. Whenever it is that she, she does or she's trying and you know, that extends as far as putting a puzzle piece inside of a puzzle and I want her to, to be able to do it. And I want her to get that feeling of success and satisfaction. And sometimes I probably don't let her fail and it's funny to talk about it from a two year old perspective because we're like, Oh, does it, does it really matter at that age?

And you know, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But yeah. In order for her to learn how that piece goes in, she's going to have to try over and over and over and over and over again. And if I just go over there when she says, daddy, help daddy do it. And I put the piece in. Well, she didn't, she didn't learn.

She watched me for sure. She's a pretty observant little girl. So, you know, she's probably picking up on, on some of what I'm doing, but that does not replace experiencing it on your own. Right. And so that idea carries through our entire life. You can't [00:02:00] insulate your athletes, your children, your teammates from failure.

You have to let them go out there and you have to let them fall flat on their face and that's okay Happens it's part of growth and you have to give them an opportunity to develop and become better and guess what? They might not not initially anyway, they might have to fail again and again and again and again And that's okay But if you're always reaching out providing a helping hand insulating them from failure Eventually, they are going to reach a point at which you can no longer help Right And so let's say it's a teammate for example if your teammate is Cheating their assignment right and say they're not staying on the defensive side of the puck all the time And you always cover for them you come in bail them out come in bail them out come in bail them out You never say anything to them.

You just do it and you never stay to your position and let them Fail on their own Eventually time is gonna come when you can't bail them out Pass is going to go Cross sides in the back of the net because you're not where you're supposed to be because you're out there Trying to help your teammate and [00:03:00] how trying to prevent them from failure, you know Same as a parent or as a coach if you're always putting your athlete in a position where they can be successful eventually They will they will fail and they will fail much worse because they haven't experienced it before and then they won't know what to do With it.

So this week i'm challenging you To let the people you care about fail Put them in positions where it's very very difficult to succeed. They should be able to succeed of course We don't want to be in a position where there's no chance in the world, but it should be difficult They should have to work for it.

They should have to prove it And then see what happens. That's it. Have a great week guys

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