Six Hip Exercises Worth Adding in This Off-Season

Six hip and groin drills hockey players should use this season
Coach A
April 23, 2024
Six Hip Exercises Worth Adding in This Off-Season

Coach A


April 23, 2024

We hockey players understand the importance of explosive power on the ice. Whether it's accelerating down the rink, battling for the puck along the boards, or taking that crucial shot on goal, power in our movements can make all the difference. We often think about the hips only in terms of gross movement patterns - squats, lunges, deadlifts - but the smaller accessory movements are just as important. We need to develop a base of support that we can then use to apply force. 

In this article, we'll highlight six effective hip-strengthening accessory exercises you should consider adding to your program this off-season. These staple exercises show up regularly in our programming and can make a big difference in your on-ice performance and injury prevention.

For each of these exercises, we've provided a Level 1 and 2 option, allowing you to start at a comfortable level and gradually progress. Remember, it's important to start with the 'easier' option and focus on proper form to avoid injuries and build a strong foundation. Everyone likes leveling up, so don't be afraid to start low. 


1.    Hands-on Wall Deadbug


The Hands-on-Wall Deadbug is a staple intro exercise. Focus on maintaining a flat back and pushing hard into the wall. If you find it too challenging start with knees bent at 90 degrees for the entire movement.

2.    Deadbug w/ Miniband

Building on our basic HOW Deadbug we've added a band for additional Hip Flexor development. You don't need heavy resistance, as your extended leg will put significant pressure on the band.


3.    Adductor Side Bridge


Adductors were chronically overlooked for years in training but fortunately that's changing. Start with a basic Adductor Side Bridge and keep the isometric (hold time) low. These are no joke!

4.    Tall Kneeling Sideboard Adductor Slides


Another great intro to adductor work is the Tall Kneeling adductor slide. Notice how coach Brian maintains his centre position and pulls with both groins actively.

5.    Wall Supported T-Hip Mobilizations


We're working on a couple of different attributes in the next 2 drills and being able to move your hip through a controlled range of motion while stabilizing on the other side has huge carryover for the stride.

6.    Banded T-Hip Mobilizations

Building on the last exercise we're adding a band for some additional feedback. Think about stretching the band and controlling the pullback.

Start incorporating these exercises into your weekly routines and let us know how the hips feel!

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